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  • Send a text to 301-495-3742
  • Include your first and last name,  reason for visit, a picture of the front and back of your  government  ID and insurance card
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  • Confirm the time, date  and location of your appointment with our office via text to 301-495-3742
  • Confirm signing of all electronic consent documents.
  • Resolve all financial obligations prior to your visit.

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  • Click on emailed or texted link 5 min before scheduled time.
  • Type your name and prompts to enter the waiting room.
  • Wait for your clinicians admission.
  • Technical problems? Text 301-495-3742

Spinal Cord Injury Portal

  • Ensure that your camera/phone is charged, working and stable
  • Log in for appointment 5 min early.
  • Use a second person for filming if necessary.
  • Have equipment to be evaluated ready.
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About Us

Our team has only one mission: Make you smile

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Dr. Andrew Moore

Dentist at Global Dentistry
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